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The Ultimate Peter Pettigrew Quiz

Are you an expert in everyone's least favourite Marauder? Time to find out with this ultimate Peter Pettigrew quiz! Don't get ratty if you lose!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 31st 2023

How much do you know about the Dark Lord's most loyal servant and everyone's least favourite rodent? We've got the ultimate Peter Pettigrew quiz to test your Harry Potter trivia! And you can check out loads more Harry Potter quizzes here! How about this quiz that tells you what % Sirius Black you are? Or what about this quiz all about patronuses? You might even fancy this epic Harry Potter general knowledge quiz!

1/10 Question marks on old paper

What is his Marauder's name?

2/10 Rat, green splat and Hogwarts shield

Which Hogwarts house was he in?

3/10 A cute lil vole and a heart eyes emoji

What animal does he turn into?

4/10 Some bronze feet and a slimy arrow

What does Lord Voldemort give him as a gift?

5/10 Two potato Weasleys

Who did he belong to before Ron?

6/10 A rat and a splat

What's his name when he's disguied as a pet?

7/10 A rat with a wand and a snake

True or false: he's the one who kills Cedric Diggory?

8/10 A rat and a dragon in the pages of an old book

Which book does he first appear in?

9/10 Balloon Voldy and arrow at spooky house

Where does he die?

10/10 Wizard and a green question mark

Who plays him in the films?

Oh no result

Oh nooo, the forces of good have defeated you, cos you got 0/10! Never mind, the Dark Lord is very forgiving (probably) so you can always try again!

Try again result

Hmm, not bad, but we know you could do a whole lot better! Try again and see if you can get a mark the Dark Lord would be proud of!

Well done result

Nice job! You're clearly up to scratch with Peter Pettigrew and his evil antics! But can you get 100% next time? Let's find out!

Excellent result

Wow, even Voldemort's impressed, and that's saying a lot! You know EVERYTHING about Peter Pettigrew! Maybe even a bit too much...congrats!