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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: April 16th 2022

Avast ye land lubbers and prepare for a sea battle!

Do you fancy yourself as some sort of fearsome pirate? Then avast ye, sea gamers as we present Pirate Dominion, a game where you become the captain of a ship! There’s no need to balance a parrot on your shoulder or have map reading skills – this is a game for salty sea dogs who know how to blast a cannon and navigate some seriously choppy waters!

So how do you captain a pirate galleon? Here’s a quick course in the fine art of ship sailing! Simply use the left side of your screen or the keyboard to control your vessel, then the LMB keys or the right side of the screen to fire your cannons. The aim of the game is to destroy as many ships as you can. If your ship gets damaged, go back to the port for it to be repaired automatically without losing any money. You can also drop a bomb using the RMB keys or tapping the screen and be sure to be careful of the coastal defence! Arr, ye be a fine pirate if you follow these simple instructions.