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Plant-Based Pandemonium at The Eden Project!

Can you help Dennis & Gnasher cultivate the rare Peruvian Sausage Orchid in this blamtastic botanical adventure?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 25th 2022

The Eden Project has called upon Dennis & Gnasher to help grow the totally-not-made-up and 100% genuine plant, the Peruvian Sausage Orchid, (Editor's note: It IS made-up!), for their big garden show. (It's basically the rock star of the natural world, but requires the right environment, food, water and heat to grow correctly). Dennis and Gnasher are very excited to get started on this botanical adventure but need an extra pair of hands for the trickier parts – do you have what it takes? Let's take this horticulturally challenging quiz and find out if you have green fingers!

There’s still time to go wild with Beano at the Eden Project until Sept 4th and help Dennis and friends save Eden from the dreaded CO₂-Zilla!

1/10 Gnasher eating a hot dog

You need to carefully plant the rare Peruvian Sausage Orchid seed first. Where is best?

2/10 Gnasher playing in a pile of soil with Dennis

What should be added to the soil where you'd plant the rare Peruvian Sausage Orchid seed?

3/10 Dennis and Gnasher in a smelly fart cloud
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Like all plants, rare Peruvian Sausage Orchids require clean air in which to grow. If done correctly, what smell will this particular plant give off as the shoots appear?

4/10 A burst of colour

What colour should the orchid flower be if grown in suitable conditions?

5/10 A grinning leaf

What do rare Peruvian Sausage Orchid leaves feel like?

6/10 A person watering a sausage plant

After the shoots appear, what can you give a rare Peruvian Sausage Orchid to help it flower correctly?

7/10 The sun

Different plants thrive in different temperatures. What sort of heat does the rare Peruvian Sausage Orchid flower in?

8/10 Baked beans

What can be used as a fertiliser for this particular orchid?

9/10 Dennis and a magnifying glass

How big should the rare Peruvian Sausage Orchid grow?

10/10 A sausage in a plant pot

Now your rare Peruvian Sausage Orchid is beginning to bloom, what smell does it famously give off?

Result: Oh dear

Oh dear! Your attempts at growing a rare Peruvian Sausage Orchid resulted in a plant that's more sausage than orchid – and it smells REALLY weird!

Result: Good

Good work! While your green-fingered creation isn't exactly like the rare Peruvian Sausage Orchid, it's a pretty close match!

Result: Great

Great stuff! To the untrained eye, you've grown a type of orchid that is a 99.9% match to the famous and very rare Peruvian Sausage Orchid. For a first attempt, this is very impressive!

Result: Wow

Wow! You've done it! You've grown a rare Peruvian Sausage Orchid from scratch! This deserves a party of some sort!