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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: April 20th 2022

It's a jungle stacking jamboree!

Let’s get ready to JUNGLE!

It’s a party with the animals in Beanotown zoo, who are literally here to raise the roof! How high can you stack the animals on each other, as they swing in from vines to balance on each other’s backs?

Take control of gorilla gorilla, one of the star attractions of Beanotown zoo, and a talented trapeze artist! With an elephant between your toes, you have to time your taps to let go of your flying friends and help them land on the platform.

This game is a tricky one – much like how hard it is to be an endangered species! But don’t worry, our furry friends are safe in Beanotown Zoo, where they have a whole jungle’s worth of activities to keep them busy.

Are you king of the jungle? Can you pile up the piggies, escalate the elephants, and zip up the zebras with you grabby gorilla acrobatics? Put you skills to the test and How high can you score?

0 Uh-oh, back to the den to regroup I think, you can’t handle the excitement of the jungle.

1 Oh, you jungled that up! It’s a good start, but not enough to hang with the king of the swingers.

2 Stunt-erperformance; you can surely do better, right?

3 What’s Zoo with you? Looks like you’ve picked up a couple jungle skills to get a score like that.

4 Now that’s STUNTING! Not a bad score, you managed to pull off a tricky trick or two!

5 You’re so good, you’re practically jungle riverboat royalty, and our new tropical leader.

6+ You’re so epic that you should open you your own zoo! Filled with pixelated acrobatic animals like ours – it’d be awesome!