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20 Question Football Premier League History Quiz!

Premier League Football Quiz Questions! Know your Premier League trivia?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 27th 2023

The Premier League is regarded as one of the most fiercely competitive football leagues in the whole world. Not only do the biggest clubs compete to win the title over the course of 38 games, there's also the chance to compete in the Champions League and Europa League. From the first match in August, there's everything to play for. It's not all about the glory of winning. Three teams are regulated to the Championship, so it's about survival too! Either way it's an exciting time to be a football fan!

The Premier League was founded in 1992 by the Football Association, who decided to rename Division 1 and originally had 22 teams - not 20, as it is now - battle it out over the course of the season –  playing each team at home and away. The second division was renamed as the English Football League Championship.

But this trivia quiz is not focused on the English Football League Championship. We're taking a look at the top tier of football in England and Wales. How much do you know about the Premier League? Maybe you're lucky enough to see your favourite team play every Saturday (or occasionally during the week) or watch the biggest matches on TV. From August until May, it's like watching a drama unfold with homegrown and international stars becoming the hero or villain over the course of 90 thrilling minutes.

If you're a Premier League fanatic or a casual armchair supporter, there's something for everyone in this very special quiz. Simply answer the questions below and you can show us how much you really know about the beautiful game!

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1/20 A football manager standing in a technical area

Who is the most successful Premier League manager?

2/20 A hand holding a stopwatch

Who scored the fastest goal in the Premier League, clocking in at 7.69 seconds?

3/20 A sad football fan

Which of the following teams has never been relegated?

4/20 A football TV show

How many teams are in the Premier League?

5/20 A sad goalkeeper

Who scored the first ever Premier League goal?

6/20 A trophy being held aloft on a rainy day

How many times have Liverpool won the Premier League?

7/20 A football supporter

Which countries participate in the Premier League?

8/20 Football tactics board

What is the symbol of the Premier League?


True or False: It is the most-watched football league in the world?


How much did it cost to build Arsenal's Emirates Stadium?


In what year did the Premier League begin? 

12/20 A pair of hands holding a sports trophy

Who were the first champions of the Premier League?

13/20 Manchester City badge

How what year did Manchester City first win the Premier League? 

14/20 A goal hitting the back of the net

Who is the Premier League's all-time top goalscorer? 

15/20 A football manager

Who was the Chelsea manager when they won the league in 2016/17? 

16/20 A man and two cats singing at a piano

Which team were nicknamed 'The Entertainers' in the 1995/6 season? 

17/20 A footballer

Who was the Premier League's top scorer in the 2019-20 season?

18/20 A football fan thinking about trivia

Which of these teams has NOT won the Premier League? 

19/20 A fox face

In what season did Leicester City win the league?

20/20 A question mark on a football shirt

What shirt number did Eric Cantona wear when he starred for Manchester United in the 1990s?

Oh no

Oh no! Do you even watch football? Mason Mount wants you to have another go – you could do even better!

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Good try! Why not have another go soon? Son Heung-min reckons you can do it!

Great work

Great work! You certainly know your football and Callum Wilson looks pretty chuffed!


Wow! Your excellent performance has proved you to be the Erling Haaland of football trivia!