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12 Perfectly Peachy Princess Peach Facts

Let’s get ‘learny’ with these juicy Princess Peach facts!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  August 4th 2023

Princess Peach is one of the most famous of the Nintendo characters and they’ve been in almost every game since they were created! But have you ever wondered about where the character came from? How she got her name? Look no further, because you’re in the right place to find out everything worth knowing about Princess Peach! Or if you fancy something different, why not check out these top 20 facts about Nintendo! Let’s go!

1. She was only originally called Princess Peach in Japan!

It wasn’t until 1994 that people that didn’t live in Japan started calling her that! Remember that Nintendo started in Japan so it’s only normal that it took a while for everyone else to catch on. Before that she was known as Princess Toadstool - which we don’t think has the same ring to it!

2. She’s appeared most out of all the female characters in Nintendo!

Nintendo Corporation

From Birdo to Corrin, there are a lot of female characters in the Nintendo world - but Princess Peach has the honour of being the one who has appeared in the most games! So if you’re a real Princess Peach fan, you’ve got a great chance of being able to play as her!

3. Princess Peach married a Prince who was once a dog!

In the story of Nintendo, Bowser once turned Prince Haru into a dog, and it took Mario and Luigi to save him and bring him back to being a human! After that Princess Peach realised that they were meant to be together and they got married!

4. She might actually be a toad!

Not many people can agree on this, and sometimes the story of Nintendo is a bit confusing, but Princess Peach is the ruler of Mushroom Kingdom so maybe that means something! If being a royal is all about who your parents and grandparents are, like it is with humans, then it must be true that deep down, she’s actually a toad! Nice right?

5. She uses her umbrella as a weapon!

Her umbrella, or parasol, is one of the most stand out accessories of her character. But it’s not just for keeping the sun and rain off of her, she can also use it as a weapon to thwack her enemies out of the way! It also doubles a way to slow her as she falls, a little bit like a parachute!

6. She has magic powers!

People often wonder why Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach in the first place, was it just because he wanted some company? Who knows, well - we do! It’s because Princess Peach actually has magical powers and Bowser was worried that Peach might use them against him to stop his evil mission!

7. She has her own game!

Nintendo Corporation

The Mario series are always focussed on Mario and Luigi, but Princess Peach has her whole stand-alone game! Instead of Mario and friends rescuing her, in this one ‘Super Princess Peach’ she has to do all of the rescuing! Mario and Luigi have been kidnapped, and it’s up to Princess Peach to save the day - neat right?

8. She’s in Zelda!

Princess Peach can actually be seen in another Nintendo crossover where she appears on a playing card called Christine… pretty strange right but we should be too surprised! Nintendo are kind of famous for mashing together lots of different characters from different games right!?

9. Princess Peach is one of the original characters!

Princess Peach as a character appeared in 1985 in Super Mario Bros! That’s a really long time and way longer than we can remember, but there she was, a cool as heck character from the very beginning of Mario’s journey through the magical kingdoms of the universe!

10. She is taller than Mario!

In fact she’s much taller! According to Nintendo, Princess Peach is actually 6 foot 1, which is over two metres tall! That’s compared to the tiddly Mario who is just over 1.5 metres tall! No wonder he always feels like he needs to show off that he can collect all those stars!

11. She has appeared the most out of any female video game character!

That’s pretty wild we’ll admit, but it's true, she has appeared the most times in video games of any female character out there - which says a lot about how many male characters there are out there! Maybe we should do something about that?!

12. August is Peach Month!

According to Nintendo, August is the month that we should all spend celebrating everything about Princess Peach, from her iconic dress to her cool as heck parasol! So if your birthday is in August, then consider yourself lucky because you get to celebrate alongside one of the greatest video game characters of all time! Great stuff!