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Roblox: Every Second Triva Quiz: How Long Will It Take You To Get 100%?

Do you love Roblox's Every Second games? Have you played them all? You're sure to get the top score in this fantastic trivia quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 19th 2023

If you're totally addicted to Roblox, you'll have played an Every Second game at some point! There are so many of them, you'd have to be some sort of Roblox genius to get 100% on this quiz - can you rise to the occasion? Every second counts!

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Let's start off nice and easy! How long do you have in an Every Second game before it changes?


How many Every Second games are there?


What kind of game are most Every Second games?

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How do you reset your age in Every Second You Get Older?


Which of these is not a game that will make you grow in height?


How many pets are available in +1 Jump Every Second?

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In Every Second You Get +1 WalkSpeed, how many wins do you need to get to the Candy Area?


What items help you fight in Get Stronger Every Second?

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How many Worlds are there in Every Second You Get +1?


What do you get every second in +1 Stairs Every Second?

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Oh no - time to have another go! Don't worry, the quiz will be here when you want to try again!

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Not bad - you know your Roblox! Why not try again and see if you can bring your score up?

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Wow, really good job - you're a Roblox superfan! We bet you can get a perfect score though - why not try again and see?

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Wow - a PERFECT score! Well done! No one can beat YOU in Roblox trivia!