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Roblox: Fruit Battle Grounds Quiz - CHOP CHOP!

Roblox is back, and fruitier than ever! But how well do you know this game mode? Let’s find out!?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 2nd 2023

Are you the Fruit Battleground pro? Do you know your Raigo from your Guzan? There’s only one palace to find out and that’s right here, so what are you waiting for, get spinning those fruit and let’s see what amazing power-ups you’ve got to bring battle to your rivals!


Where do you enter codes?

2/10 Some chopped fruit floating in the air

What does the chop fruit do?

3/10 A chimp playing a video game

Can you level up in the safe zone?

4/10 A dog and a dolphin enjoying a game

What are spread around the map to help you move around with ease?

5/10 A rodent with a lightning background

What lightning move creates a cloud of lightning?

6/10 A man with a pug's famous leaping around

Can you double jump?

7/10 A pigeon and a piece of Roblox fruit
Roblox | Roblox Corporation

What kind of rarity is the Devil fruit?

8/10 A llama with a colourful background

What Manga is Fruit Battlegrounds based on?

9/10 A bubble in the air

What does the bubble move do?

10/10 A very cool dog with sunglasses on

What weapon does the Guzan move use?

Result: Oh dear

Oh dear! If this score was a fruit, it’d be chopped! What a disaster! It looks like you might need to hide away in the corner of the safezone and start levelling up. Once you’re ready, and you’ve done your Fruit Battlegrounds preparation, why not come back to the quiz and see if you can score a higher score?

Result: Not bad

Nice, now we’re getting somewhere! You’re definitely not the worst player out there and nobody can call you a noob any more. Maybe 50% noob, but not a total basic player! You know your way around the map, and how to hide when things get tough so well done! Why not have another go and see if you can score higher the next time around?

Result: High Score

Alright! Now this is pretty epic, have you secretly got the Quiz fruit enabled? These kinds of scores don’t come around that often so you’ve done really well, nice work! You’re so nearly a full Fruit Battlegrounds pro, so why not have another go at the quiz and see if you can get full marks?! Go on, it’s within your grasp, so grab it!

Result: Full marks

Incredible! You’ve scored full marks on this quiz! You should be extra proud of yourself, why not keep that Quiz fruit enabled and have a go at some of the other quizzes on the site. You’re one of the best quizzers out there, nobody but the real professionals know this much about this game mode, so give yourself a pat on the back! Well done, you’re the fruit GOAT.