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Roblox: Spray Paint Trivia Quiz!

Love Roblox Spray Paint? Unleash your inner graffiti artist and test your knowledge of this art-tastic painting game!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 23rd 2023

Do you fancy yourself as the next Banksy? Or maybe you just like drawing things with your mates? However serious an artist you are, it's high time you tested yourself on this paint-tastic Roblox Spray Paint quiz!

So come on then, grab your spray cans and let's see how your skills stack up!

1/10 A spray can and a question mark

How do you win Roblox Spray Paint?

Roblox | Roblox Corporation

Which of these things is NOT ALLOWED?

3/10 A red line on a whiteboard

What is opacity?

4/10 A bit splotch of paint on a canvas

Which of these is NOT a type of paint?

5/10 Paint pots

What does neon paint do?

Roblox | Roblox Corporation

What does the chrome paint do?

7/10 Someone spray painting

Where is the game set?

Roblox | Roblox Corporation

You can hide and unhide other player's art. True or false?

9/10 Different colours in a red liquid

Which of these colours can you NOT paint with?


What's the name of the Robloxian who made the game?

Roblox | Roblox Corporation

Oh dear oh dear. This is not the best result we've ever seen. You should probably have another go at Roblox SPray Paint and then come back to this quiz to try again! Never mind. It happens to the best of us!

Roblox | Roblox Corporation

Pretty good! This score isn't bad! In fact, it's kind of decent! So we're not sure exactly why this Roblox avatar looks so grumpy about it - but if you want a chance at cheering them up you'd better have another go and see how you get on next time!

Roblox | Roblox Corporation

Very nice! This is a really good score - you must've played Spray Paint a whole load of times. Nice work - well done! You didn't quite get 100%, but never mind. Do you fancy another go and seeing if you can get that last pesky right answer or two? If not we have lots of other great Roblox quizzes to try!

Roblox | Roblox Corporation

Amazing! Fantastic! This is the perfect 10/10 score! Well done! You nailed it! You must be a huge fan of spray paint, right? Now you can't beat this score - but you might be able to match it on another of our great Roblox quizzes! Up for the challenge?