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Roblox: Total Drama Trivia Quiz!

Can you survive the Island, even in Movie Mode? If you're a Total Drama champion, earn your trivia crown with this awesome quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 6th 2023

Roblox: Total Drama is one of the most fun game on the platform, and if you've played it you know why! See if you've absorbed all the knowledge with this fun quiz - we bet you can win the high score!

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True or false - the game is based on a cartoon series?

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How many Contestants are playable in Total Drama?

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What's the name of the host?


What is the Safety Statue?


What does the Safety Statue do?

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And what's the first step in finding the Safety Statue?


What are the three game modes?


Why do the game's characters have different names from the cartoon?


What does a Marshmallow mean?


Which of these is not exclusive to the Christmas season?

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Oops - looks like you need to brush up on your TD trivia! Don't worry, you can have another go when you're ready!

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Not bad at all - we can tell you've played the game! Why not have another go and see if you can bring your score up?

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Good job - you're a fan of the game for sure! We bet you can get an even better score though - why not have one more go and see?

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Perfect - you're a TD trivia champion! Well done!