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Roger The Dodger Quiz!

Roger the Dodger is the Prince of Pranks and the Duke of Dodges. Take our Roger the Dodger Quiz to see how you compare!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 11th 2022

Whatever you do, don’t expect Roger the Dodger to do his chores. He’ll do anything to dodge work! Test your Roger the Dodger knowledge with our Roger the Dodger quiz to see how many chores you can dodge. The lower your score, the more chores you’ll get!


What colour is Roger’s jumper?


What is Roger’s catchphrase?

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3/10 What pattern is Roger’s jumper?


How does Roger nap at school?


How does Roger make sure Dad sleeps in late?


What tech does Roger use?


How did Roger use the police to get out of homework?


How did Roger get his teacher arrested?


How does Roger clean his room?


10/10 Where does Roger live?

Awful Dodging Knowledge, so you need to do a whole weekend of full of chores. Tidy your bedroom, do your homework, clean the car AND do the washing up!

Not Bad Dodging Knowledge! All you need to do is Tidy your Bedroom and you can get back to your screen!

Top Dodging Knowledge. No chores for you today. Put your feet up and enjoy an ice cold smoothie!

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Epic Dodger Knowledge! No more chores for you EVER. Show this result to Grown Up to avoid chores FOREVER!! The Beano says it so it must be TRUE!