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Running Up That Hill Complete the Lyrics Quiz

Can you fill in the blanks in this Running Up That Hill Complete The Lyrics Quiz?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 23rd 2022

Let’s not beat around the Bush, everybody’s gone crazy about THAT song because it’s been featured in the awesomely horrific TV Show, Stranger Things. It’s not a bad thing, Kate Bush is awesome, and if the entire country is walking around singing the same song at least this time it’s not Baby Shark! How well do you know the Kate Bush song, Running Up That Hill? Fill in the blanks in our Running Up That Hill Lyrics Quiz!


Fill in the blank: Be Running up that [BLANK]


And if I only could, I'd make a [BLANK] with God


And I'd get him to [BLANK]


But see how deep the [BLANK] lies


Unaware, I'm tearing you [BLANK]


Oh, there is [BLANK] in our hearts

7/10 A birthday cake

Is there so much [BLANK] for the ones we love?


Let me steal this [BLANK] from you now


Oh, come on, [BLANK]


Be running up that hill with [BLANK]

Fail! You’ve never even heard of Kate Bush and to be honest we’re a little confused about why you’re doing this quiz!

Not Bad! You’ve heard this song at least a few times this week, but you’ve not started singing it in the shower. Have another go to see if you can ACE this lyrics quiz!

Expert Result! You know Running Up This Hill back to front… almost. Have another go to see if you can ACE this lyrics quiz!

You’ve aced this quiz. You are literally either Kate Bush or Barry who updates the lyrics websites with Kate Bush song lyrics. Check out some of our other music quizzes or our Stranger Things things for more high quality website-based entertainment!