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20 Sausage Jokes Which Are Absolute Bangers

Step this way for some sizzling sausage jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  August 12th 2021

These funny sausage jokes are certified bangers! We've got some brilliant jokes and ones which are the absolute wurst!

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What do you call a sausage who's been sunbathing all day?


A sunbathing sausage

Did you hear about the sausage who kept attacking themselves on Fortnite?

They were their own wurst enemy!

A scary looking sausage

Did you hear the pun about the German sausage?

It was the wurst!

A smiley face surrounded by sausages

What is a butcher's favourite rock band?

Linkin Pork!

A sausage excited about rock music

What kind of sausage does Zelda like?


Two laughing emojis

Where was the first sausage cooked?


A sausage on a fork

What do you call a German sausage that's flipped over in a frying pan?

A turn for the wurst!

Why did the butcher cry when he saw a sausage?

He feared the wurst!

Sad butcher

How do you make a sausage roll?

Push it down a hill!

A cat's paw touching a sausage roll

What do you call a girl with some sausages on her head?


A person with sausages on head

What do you call sausages who go trick or treating?


A scared sausage

A bird stole my sausage when I went to the beach.

It was a tern for the wurst!

A sea bird with a sausage in its beak

Did you hear about the actor who was an extra in a film about Greggs?

He got a sausage role!

Did you hear about the car that was made out of sausages?

It was a banger!

Four sausages laughing at a joke

What looks like half a sausage?

The other half!

A smiley face

Why did the sausage's album go to Number 1 in the charts?

Every song was a banger!

A sausage on a fork

What do you call a sausage who comes first in a race?

The Weiner!

Sausage with a gold medal

What is a sausage's favourite kind of firework?

A banger!

A sausage enjoying a firework display

What do you call a delivery of German sausages?

A wurst case scenario!

Sausages in a case

Did you hear about the person who worked in a German sausage factory?

It was the wurst job ever!

A sausage and German flag
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