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10 Spider-Man Jokes That Are the Best on the Web

Here are the best Spider-Man jokes in the world... With great puns comes great responsibility - to share them!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 22nd 2021

These spectacular Spider-Man jokes are Marvel-ous!

Kapow! Yes, set your spidey senses tingling with these funny Spider-Man jokes.

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What is Spiderman’s favourite day of the week?


What does Peter Parker call LEGO Spiderman?

His alter-LEGO!

What's Spider-Man's favourite month?


Why was Aunt May worried about Spider-Man?

He was spending too much time on the web!

What's the difference between Spider-Man and a unicorn?

Nothing - they're both fictional creatures!

Why does Spider-Man always flush the toilet?

Because it's his doody!

Who gets travel sick when he tries to destroy New York?

The Green Goblin!

Why didn't Spider-Man save the day?

He couldn't get out of the bath!

What month does Spider-Man hate?


Where did Black Widow and Spider-Man first meet?

On the web!

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