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19 Fun Spider-Man Facts for Peter Parker Fans

When he's not slinging webs or wall-crawling, Spiderman's known by his real name, Peter Parker. How many of these fun Peter Parker facts do you know?

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  September 25th 2023

1. Peter's Parents Were Spies!

It’s well known that Peter Parker was bought up by Aunt May, but it’s less well known his  parents were CIA agents. What happened to them? You’ll need to read on to find out…

2. The Red Skull Ordered the Assasination of Peter Parker's Parents

The Red Skull's assassin, The Finisher sabotaged their plane, causing it to crash.

3. Peter Parker was raised by his Aunt 

May the Aunt be with you.  

4. The Spider that bit Peter Parker, struck again

The radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker also bit a student called Cindy Moon. She became the superhero known as Silk.

5. Peter Parker met MJ in a coffee shop

Peter Parker met Mary Jane at the Coffee Bean Cafe. 

6. Peter Parker studied Physics

Peter Parker studied Physics at Empire State University after graduating high school. 

7. Peter Parker isn't perfect

Peter’s not perfect. When he discovered his powers, Peter Parker's first thoughts were to use them to make money.

8. Peter Parker is the classic underdog

Even if he's supercool in the films, in the comics Peter Parker started off as an awkward high-schooler.

9. Peter's bully became his friend

Flash Thomson, the guy who made Peter’s life miserable in high-school returned to the comics to become Peter Parker's best friend at University

10. Peter didn't want to date MJ at first

In the original comics, Mary Jane Watson was a girl that Peter’s Aunt May repeatedly tried to set him up with. Peter turned down date after date until he bumped into her by chance!

11. Peter Parker has revealed his identity

Peter Parker told everybody he was Spiderman at a press conference for complicated plot reasons to do with Tony Stark.

12. Peter's been a Photographer

Peter Parker earns a living as a freelance photographer. It’s pretty easy when you can sell spiderman selfies to the Daily Bugle every day! 

13. Peter's travelled the world

Although Peter Parker rarely leaves New York in the films, in the comics he’s travelled all over the world. He’s even been to Algeria on a mission to discover the truth behind his parents’ death!

14. Peter wears red and blue pyjamas

In several comics we see Peter Parker in his pyjamas. They are blue and red.

15. Peter Parker’s been the CEO of a massive company (sort of)

Otto Octavius once took over Peter’s body and formed a huge tech company called Parker Industries.

16. And Peter's been Tony Stark's Personal Assistant

It's the second best job in the world after being Tony Stark himself!

17. Peter Parker has a real house

Peter Parker was given a real address to live in. It's 21 Ingram Street, Queens New York.

18. Peter Parker has turned into an actual spider

Peter Parker once turned into an actual spider, which isn’t half as cool as a turning into a human with spider-like powers.

19. Peter Parker has retired

Peter Parker has retired and lives in Portland, Oregon. He's an OAPeter.