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The Ultimate Spider-Man: No Way Home Quiz!

How well do you know the latest Spider-Man movie? Find out in this Marvel-ous film quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 30th 2021

The new Spider-Man is kind of a big deal. But were you paying attention in the cinema? Answer these questions and check how much of the story went in!

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What's Spiderman's middle name?


Which of these characters tries to help Spiderman in No Way Home?


What sea creature does Otto Octavius make you think of?


What weapon does the Green Goblin use?


Where do the villains in the movie come from?


Who gets stuck in the mirror dimension?


How many Spider Men are in No Way Home?

@lifeisaloha | giphy

Which character does this guy play?


What US city is the movie set in?


What is Venom?

Uh oh! Spidey sense... tingling! Better try another quiz, biffo!

Pretty good - you can do better though! Try a different Spider Man quiz?

Good work! You know loads about No Way Home! Can you beat this score on another quiz?

Amazing! You're a Spider Man expert! You must've seen No Way Home about 10 times!