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Pick a Taylor Swift Song and We'll Reveal Your Strictly Dance Style!

Tango your way through this Taylor-tastic trivia quiz, and learn which dance style matches your personality best!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 17th 2023

We bet you watch Strictly and think you could absolutely crush one of the dances! The question is - which one? Would you wow with your waltz, charm with your Charleston, or stun with your showdance? Believe it or not, the answer lies in your Taylor Swift preferences (yes, really)! Pick your fave Tay-Tay tracks and learn which moves you should bust on the dancefloor! And stick around for more fun when you're done! Snigger at some Strictly jokes, rank some TS songs, or pick your favourite Swift tracks and find out what % Barbie you are!


Let's start with the classics! Pick a song from Taylor Swift!

You Belong With Me | Taylor Swift |

And a song from Fearless!

Safe & Sound feat. The Civil Wars (The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 And Beyond) | Taylor Swift |

Now, a song Taylor did for a film!


Now, something from the Speak Now era!


Time for your favourite Red tune!

Shake It Off | Taylor Swift |

You know what time it is? Time for 1989!


Pick a Reputation song!

You Need To Calm Down | Taylor Swift |

And Lover?


Choose your favourite tracks from folklore and evermore!

Anti-Hero | Taylor Swift |

And finally - what was your favourite Midnights track?


You get the Charleston! You're fun and lively, and you probably appreciate vintage stuff, too!


Classy and timeless - that's you! This dance style suits your elegant and laid-back nature. You're probably also quiet and a bit of a dreamer!


You're the tango! You're feisty and energetic, and you're also popular and a real crowd-pleaser!


You're a unique and interesting person, and you play by your own rules! You're very creative, too - we bet you're great at art, poetry and/or music!