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The Ultimate Andrew Garfield Quiz!

Andrew Garfield is AMAZING and (Dad Joke Warning) definitely not a ginger cat who loves to eat lasagne. Geddit? No. Ok let’s continue: Not only is he a super-famous Hollywood actor but he’s also played the role of Marvel’s Spiderman! What an absolute legend! Can we pretend the “Dad Joke” never happened?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 10th 2022

So, if you’re ready to find out how much about Andrew Garfield you know, let’s begin our amazingly amazing Ultimate Andrew Garfield Quiz! To explore our tangled web of spider-man related content check out 20 Top Fun Spiderman Facts for Peter Parker Fans or even 20 Crazy Superhero Fun Facts You Won’t Believe or for a more cerebral slant study our Spider Facts to impress your local arachnologist.


What does Andrew Garfield do for a living?


2/10 What country is Andrew Garfield from?

3/10 A backpacker seemingly lost in space

Deep Garfield knowledge required, here: What state was Andrew Garfield born in?


Which “Amazing” Superhero did Andrew Garfield bring to the big screen?


Fill in the blank of the Andrew Garfield film.: The ___________ Spiderman


Who was Spiderman’s girlfriend in the first Andrew Garfield Spiderman film?


What parent-tastic social network was the Andrew Garfield film “The Social Network” about?


What’s Andrew Garfields middle name?


9/10 What colour costume did Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman wear? Red and…

10/10 A person clearly keen on doing homework

Andrew Garfield starred in the play Death of a Salesman. Who wrote it?

@andrew_garfield83 | Instagram

Oh no! You’re not even 50% an Andrew Garfield fan! Andrew Garfield sneaks from view. He’s a little bit disappointed tbh.

@andrew_garfield83 | Instagram

Not bad! You’re about half an Andrew Garfield Fan. Here’s half an Andrew Garfield!

EPIC! You’re an Andrew Garfield Expert! He emerges to great his No. 1 Fan