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The Ultimate Beano Quiz

How much do you know about Beano, the world's longest-running comic?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 22nd 2022

So you think you know about Beano...

1/10 Beano 1

Who was on the cover of the first Beano?


2/10 In 1941, why were there only half as many Beanos as there had been in 1939?

3/10 Lord Snooty from Beano

Name this Beano character...


4/10 How much is a copy of the first ever Beano worth?

5/10 Bea, Beano, Dennis the Menace's little sister

Dennis has a baby sister. What is her name?


6/10 Who decides when each Beano is funny enough to be printed?

7/10 The Bash Street Kids from Beano

When the Bash Street Kids first appeared in Beano, what was their story called?


8/10 The writer and the artist of Dennis and Gnasher's stories have the same first name. What is it?

9/10 Beano

When did Beano begin?


10/10 Lastly, do you know what the word 'beano' means?

Dennis the Menace celebrates

You smashed it! 

Calamity James under a raincloud

Not bad, but you could learn a bit more - read more Beano!