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15 Unusual Christmas 2022 Quiz Questions for Kids!

Challenge yourself with these odd and unusual Christmas quiz questions! How well will you do in random Christmas trivia? Good luck, we believe in you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 6th 2022

Some people love Christmas and then there's some people who love Christmas: they'll break out the Christmas jumpers the moment Halloween is out the way and count down the days until it's time to unbox the decorations and transform their home into a miniature winter wonderland!

There are lots of traditions families and friends enjoy during the Christmas holidays. There are crackers, for starters. When else can you pull a Christmas cracker with a pal and make it go BANG, then find out who’s the winner of a paper crown, bad joke and a small toy? No other time apart from late December. We mean, you could do this in June, but it wouldn’t feel right wearing a paper hat in the summer sunshine. It’d make your head all sweaty. 

Then there’s all the Christmas songs to sing and dance along to in the kitchen while the snacks are being prepared. You need a few snacks for the amount of festive films you’re going to watch when you’re off school, right? What’s your favourite. We reckon that Elf, The Muppet Christmas Carol and The Christmas Chronicles will be on many people’s must-watch list, even if they’ve enjoyed them before!

And in the run up to the big day, there’s the actual tree to decorate. Whether you pick a fresh tree from a muddy farmyard car park or a fake one from the loft or shed, it’s always fun to hang baubles and tinsel from its branches with your family and friends. Did you know we have the Ancient Egyptian’s to thank for the idea of decorating trees? Well, now you do!

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What is Wassailing?


Where is St Nicholas thought to be from historically?


True or false: Jesus probably wasn't actually born on December 25th?


What is traditionally put in Christmas puddings for luck?


What do Japanese people do on Christmas day traditionally?


According to one survey, what % of British people own a Christmas jumper?


Which Christmas song was the first one ever played in space?


In the Catalonia, which object 'poops' out presents for children?


How many presents are given in 'The 12 Days of Christmas'?


What sort of things appeared on Victorian Christmas cards?


True or false: the modern day Santa Claus actually came from an advert.


What odd ingredient did mince pies once contain?


What do people do in Caracas, Venezuela on Christmas morning?


Who banned Christmas in Britain in 1647?


Which country does the word 'Noel' originate from?

Incredible work! You know everything about Christmas and its weird and wonderful history!

Well done! You really know your stuff!

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