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The Ultimate Vancouver Whitecaps FC Quiz!

How much do you know about this MLS squad from the Great White North? Take this trivia quiz and test the football part of your brain!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 7th 2023

Vancouver Whitecaps, despite their name, do NOT wear caps while playing soccer. They're one of three Canadian teams who play in the MLS and are definitely ones to watch in the coming seasons. How much do you know about this side? Why not test your knowledge by taking this quiz? Good luck!

1/10 Vancouver Whitecaps badge

In which year were Vancouver Whitecaps founded?

2/10 A football booted over the Vancouver skyline

What's the name of their home ground?

3/10 A moose

In which Canadian Province are they based?

4/10 Snow-capped mountains

Why are they called the Whitecaps?

5/10 A football commentator

Who are their closest rivals?

6/10 Vancouver Whitecaps Player of the Year 2023

This player won Whitecaps' Player of the Year award in 2023. What's his name?

7/10 MLS Vancouver

In which MLS conference do they compete?

8/10 Hands holding a trophy aloft

Which two teams do they play in the Cascadia Cup?

9/10  A belted kingfisher

Whitecaps' mascot is a belted kingfisher which can be found in the region. But what's the club's name for them?

10/10 A trophy being held aloft

When did they first win the Canadian Championship?

Result: Oh no

Oh no! Did you slip on some snow and answered all the questions incorrectly? That won't do. Have another go!

Result: Good try

You've shown some skill in the trivia midfield but didn't quite have enough to achieve a top score. Why not have another go? You might do even better next time!

Result: Great work

Great work! You definitely know a fair bit about the Whitecaps and just missed out on a top score. Why not try again? You might get 10/10 next time!

Result: Wow

Wow! You're a Whitecaps expert. Do you live next to the team's stadium? Either that or you're simply a sponge when it comes to MLS trivia. Nice!