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Video Game Jokes

Check out these hilarious Video Game Jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  October 26th 2022

These hilarious video game jokes are the funniest you’ll find this side of Tilted Towers! In fact they are on another level! They’ll have you laughing your Minecraft Block off for a Fortnite! When you’ve had enough of these, check out our Minecraft Facts and our hilarious Homework Jokes to read instead of doing your actual homework!

Did you hear about the Minecraft movie?

It's going to be a blockbuster!

What’s a pigs favourite hobby?

Video Gammon!

Why did Mario get out of his kart?

He needed a wii!

What’s a toilet’s favourite console game?

Call of Doodie!

How does Yoshin feel when he loses a life?


How does Princess Peach fix her car?

With a toads tool

Funny giraffe
Funny giraffe

What happens when you return a Nintendo games console?

You get a Wii-fund!

Why can’t you play hide and seek with a Pokemon?

It’ll Pikachu!

Why is video gaming good when you’re sad?

You can console yourself!

What does Mario use to make pizza?


Computer joke thumbnail
Computer joke thumbnail

Did you hear about the gamer couple who broke up?

They just weren’t on the same level!

A gamer grandad

How do you know when a parade is for a Pro-Gamer?

There are loads of streamers!

What do you do when England win the World Cup Final?

Turn off your Playstation!

What did the French kid say when she was offered a new console?


Did you hear about the gamer who’s life was ruined by his video game addiction?

Luckily, he had another two lives!

What do Liverpool FC and PC Gamers have in common?

Noisy fans!

There are two reasons why I don’t let my friends use my PS4

I don’t have a PS4 and I don’t have any friends!

Why won’t Lennox Lewis play PlayStation?

He’s an ex-Boxer!

Nothing was wrong with my Playstation…

But it was time for a Switch!

A confused gamer

Yesterday I got an PS4 for my sister...

Best trade ever!