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11 Question What Beano Character Are You Quiz!

Find out which Beano character you’re most similar to by taking this scientific quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 11th 2023

It’s a scientific fact that anyone who picks up a copy of the Beano will quickly begin to think about which of the many characters they may might resemble. Thanks to a team of experts, this personality quiz will tell you an exact answer in the time it takes you to answer these 11 blam questions!

Once you’ve taken this quiz, why not find out how Dennis you are, find out what percentage alien you are or something altogether different, like our awesome Scottish history quiz?

1/11 Guess the Dennis quote quiz

What type of songs do you sing in the shower?

2/11 A teacher points at a student

How would your teachers describe you?

3/11 Biscuit prank

What’s the best type of prank?

4/11 A hand with five small hands at the end of its fingers

Who’s your best friend?

5/11 A person giving a hot pizza a thumbs up

Pick something for dinner!

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What item can you not leave home without?

7/11 A person snacking on popcorn

What sort of film do you enjoy watching the most?

8/11 A woman flexing her muscles

What’s your greatest strength?

9/11 99 Flake ice cream

Pick an ice cream flavour!

10/11 A person relaxing on a beach with a dolphin in the background

How do you relax?

11/11 A person in a VR headset and a football

What sort of gadget would you love to invent?

Result: Dennis the Menace

You are: Dennis!

Your quiz results show that you’re incredibly similar to Dennis the Menace. We’re not entirely certain about this, but we reckon Dennis is Latin for epic, awesome and blam! If it isn’t, well, it should be!

Result: Minnie the Minx

You are: Minnie!

Our scientific quiz results show you’re most similar to Minnie the Minx. You’re loyal, fearless and love learning stuff, especially if it’s really useful for minxing purposes!

Result: Harsha Chandra

You are: Harsha!

You’re just like Beanotown’s very own queen of pranks, Harsha Chandra. From the moment you wake up until it’s time to go to sleep, you think about ways you can play the perfect practical joke on your friends!

Result: Paul

You are: Paul!

You’re Pieface’s best and most loyal pal, Paul the Potato. And who doesn’t like potatoes? Nobody, that’s who! This quiz result means you’re very popular. Well done!