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What Fifa Icon Are You? Quiz

Find out which one of FIFA's Icons you're most like by taking this simple quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 10th 2021

FIFA's Icons is an awesome way of bringing some of the beautiful game's most exciting footballers out of retirement to show off their greatness in the latest edition of FIFA.

Which international legend are you most like, then? Just answer these football-related questions and our special computer will tell you the answer in a split second!

1/10 A footballer waiting to go on the field

You're waiting in the stadium tunnel before going onto the pitch. What are you thinking?

2/10 A football pitch with a big question mark on it

How many goals have you scored for your country?

3/10 A silhouette of a footballer

Your opponents score early on. How do you react?

4/10 An England fan about to get hit with a football

What's your favourite trick to do?

5/10 A person reading a Soccer Skills book

Describe your style of play!

6/10 Dad and daughter watching football on TV

Who's your favourite team?

7/10 Sports commentator's microphone

Before training, what are you most likely to do?

8/10 A singing dog and man joining in

What's your favourite song?

9/10 A goal celebration during FIFA
FIFA | EA Sports

How do you celebrate a goal?


10/10 Which of these flags are you most likely to wave about after an international game?

Ronaldo on FIFA

You are: Ronaldo!

You are Brazil legend Ronaldo – or Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, if you want his full name – who was a genius on the pitch and scored many, many goals during his amazing career.

Didier Drogba on FIFA

You are: Didier Drogba

You are Chelsea and Ivory Coast icon, Didier Drogba, who could normally be found celebrating in front of his ecstatic fans after scoring an amazing goal!

Thierry Henry on FIFA

You are: Thierry Henry

You are French international and Arsenal star Thierry Henry, whose skills were silkier than a fancy scarf!

Alan Shearer

You are: Alan Shearer

You are Newcastle United and England striker Alan Shearer, who still holds the record for scoring the most goals ever for the Toon! That's 206 times!