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20 Question What Is My Clothing Aesthetic Quiz!

What's your aesthetic clothing style? Find out with this super cool quiz! Answer these fun questions and we'll figure out exactly what your style is like!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 7th 2023

From ancient civilisations to right this moment, fashion has always been a simple form of self-expression and cultural identity.

In the ancient world, the Egyptians adorned themselves with elegant linen garments, while the Greeks wore flowing togas. The Middle Ages saw the use of fancy garments with big sleeves and beautiful embroidery, all of which reflected someone's status in society.

Centuries later, the Industrial Revolution speeded up fashion into a new era, with the rise of mass production and the birth of fashion houses. The last century has witnessed so many different types of fashion; from the flapper dresses of the 1920s to the rebellious punk styles of the late 1970s. Today, aesthetics have become more diverse, with a fusion of styles from around the globe. From haute couture to streetwear, fashion continues to shape our world, reflecting the ever-changing tastes and our personal expression.

So, whether you're wearing an elegant suit or dress, or feeling comfy in a pair of ripped jeans and hoodie, remember that fashion is not just about the clothes we wear – it's a personal statement which weaves together our history, culture, and identity.

But what's your clothing aesthetic style? Well, there's only one way to find out, and that's by taking our highly accurate aesthetic quiz! If you liked this, we've also got an Ultimate Style Quiz, and why not try our Ultimate Fashion Brand Quiz?!

1/20 A giraffe in a library

Where would you rather hang out?

2/20 A woman and monkey watching films on their laptops

Which of these films would you rather watch?

3/20 A woman listens to music on big headphones while a cat sings along

Which artist would you prefer to listen to?

4/20 A big brown leather bag

Choose an accessory

5/20 A woman with pink hair looks at a triple scoop of ice cream

Choose an ice cream flavour!

6/20 A gamer and a monkey play games in a neon lit room

Choose a hobby

7/20 A rambler relaxes on a mountainside, with a dolphin and owl in the background

Which of these is your motto in life?

8/20 A happy cinnamon roll

Which of these would you bake?

9/20 Two men who are clearly the best of BFFs

How would your friends describe you?

10/20 A gardener tends to a flower patch while a clump of broccoli looks on

Choose another hobby

11/20 Hermione Granger looks surprised in a library

Pick a Harry Potter character!

12/20 A sloth and a pigeon relax in a treehouse

Pick a holiday!

13/20 A man relaxes while surrounded by a unicorn, llama and flamingo

What's your worst trait?

14/20 A brightly dressed woman hanging out with unicorns

How would you describe your style?

15/20 A person holds a cake from the oven

Which of these are you most likely to say?

16/20 A Swiss style home being looked at by a donkey and a cow

What sort of house do you want to live in?

17/20 A pink skull floats near a boy in an old library

Which school subject are you best at?

18/20 A woman holds a yellow skateboard

What do you always take with you?

19/20 A university with a meerkat and a monkey roaming the grounds

Why do you want to go to university?

20/20 A woman inspired by 60s clothing carries a guitar alongside a pineapple

Pick a style from history!

Cottage Core

Cottage Core

You're Cottage Core! You love everything nature, cosy and homemade, and your clothes do too! You prefer wearing old fashioned clothes, light colours and anything floral!



You're Athleisure! You love being sporty but you also love chilling out, and you're always wearing something comfy and casual, paired with some trainers!



You're an E-Girl, an E-Boy, or a E-Person! You love bright colours, gaming, and platforms like Tik Tok, where you crib your styles from! You're attracted to anything bright and shiny, and so are your clothes!



You're Dark or Light Academia! You like wearing clothes that make you look like you come straight out of a book about a creepy old boarding school! You love dark colours, patterns like check and tartan, and you wouldn't be seen dead without a leather satchel for all your books!

Quiz Writer: Beano Quiz Team  

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E-Girl or Vapourwave? Athleisure or Cottagecore? Whatever your style, we’ve got the quiz for you. By taking our Ultimate Aesthetic Quiz, you’ll be able to choose what t-shirts, hats and accessories to pick in order to complete your look and show the world your unique style! 

We wrote this quiz so you can find out what your fashion aesthetic is, which may help you to pick the right clothes for you when you’re out shopping with your parents or with friends!