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Which Superhero Are You Quiz!

Which superhero am I, you ask?! Are you like Batman or more like Wonder Woman? Take the quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 30th 2022

What superhero are you? Let's find out!


What would you like to do this weekend?


Pick a snack:

@teamcoco | giphy

Are you wearing a disguise?


Which of these villains do you like the LEAST?


What do you think of the Hulk?

6/17 A big pair of clown shoes

What are the best type of shoes for a superhero to wear?

7/17 A mouldy sandwich and a pizza

What is the best snack for a superhero?

8/17 A man wearing a cape

If you were a superhero, would you wear a cape?

9/17 Batman outside a school

What fictional school would you like to attend?

10/17 A man in VR goggles reaching out for a pineapple

Do you like gadgets?

11/17 A superhero doing superhero stuff

What thing would you MOST be found doing whilst fighting crime?

12/17 A man thinking about where he'd like to live

Where would you prefer to live?

13/17 A superhero with a jetpack

How would you describe yourself?

14/17 A group of superheroes

How would your friends describe you?

15/17 A relaxing superhero

How do you relax?

16/17 A superhero in a field

Where do you go on holiday?

17/17 A superhero cat

 Is this a good place for the quiz to end?


You are: SPIDER-MAN!

Fearless, funny and a faithful ally – you never crack under pressure. Nice result, webhead!

Wonder Woman


You're caring, strong and an all-round superhero!


You are: BATMAN!

Intense, brooding and tough as rubber tights, you're a symbol of courage and totally unshakeable. Nice work!



With super-strength and super-speed, you are, in a word – super!