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Which YouTuber Are You?

Ever spent some time on YouTube and wondered who you're most like? Find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 9th 2022
1/10 A bag of popcorn

What's your favourite type of film?

2/10 Will Ferrell in Elf
Elf | New Line Cinema

What's your idea of a perfect lunch?

3/10 A woman wearing a virtual reality headset

What sort of games catch your attention?

4/10 A gamer gives the thumbs up
HyperX LATAM | Giphy

How long do you like to spend playing games?

5/10 A man and his pet dog watching something on a phone

What are you like when you're around your friends?

6/10 Miranda Sings
Miranda Sings | YouTube

How would you rate your singing?

7/10 A woman looking through her clothes rail

What do you like to wear normally?

8/10 Spongebob Squarepants
Nickelodeon | Giphy

What's your favourite thing to watch on Netflix?

9/10 A pair of comfy slippers

What are your wearing on your feet right now? 

10/10 A melting ice cream bar

What's your ultimate ice cream flavour?

Shirley Curry, the 'Gaming Grandma'

You are: Shirley Curry!

That's right, you're most like the 'Gaming Grandma' who loves to play Skyrim!

SeaPeeKay | YouTube

You are: SeaPeeKay!

You're the gamer from Doncaster who's a bit of a genius when it comes to Minecraft!

Miranda Sings
Miranda Sings | YouTube

You are: Miranda Sings!

You have the voice of an angel – one that's not particularly good at singing, mind!

Tekkerz Kid

You are: Tekkerz Kid

You're the Birmingham-based footie legend!