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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: October 12th 2023

What’s the Time, Minnie Wolf?

Actually, it’s Minnie Wolf, not mister! Take control of the monsters featured in Minnie’s first Boomic (book+comic) and try to give her the fright of her life.

Up to 3 players can mash the keyboard or tap on-screen to sneak up on Minnie. Watch out for when her countdown ends, because you might get caught! You can only move when she’s counting – not when it’s dinnertime! Watch out for when the pumpkin clock lights up, and Minnie takes a peek, and get ready to freeze. If she sees you, run back to the safe zone to stay in the game. The first one to the finish line gets to give Minnie an epic jump scare in the scary depths of Beanotown forest.

But if nobody scares Minnie in time? Well, let’s just say that SHE’s the one who will do the scaring this Halloween!