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Which Fortnite Female Skin Are You?

Galaxy Scout? Cuddle Team Leader? With so many amazing Fortnite skins out there, how are you going to choose your favourite? That's right - by taking this quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 6th 2022

So, what kind of Fortnite player are you? The fun kind or the SUPER SERIOUS kind? Are you into cuddly cute stuff? Or maybe you'd rather strike fear into the hearts of your enemies?

However you like to play Fortnite, you can bet the perfect skin for you is out there somewhere. Don't believe us? Take this quiz and we'll show you which of these epic Fortnite female skins is best for you!


Which of these hobbies would you rather do?

2/10 Ancient History Quiz

Pick a subject at school:


How many V-Bucks are you willing to spend on a skin?


If you could be an animal, what would you be?


What shoes are you wearing?


Pick a snack:

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What weapon would you rather carry?

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Pick a popstar:


Hair colour...?


What would you rather be described as?

Fortnite | Epic Games

You're Galaxy Scout!

You're one of the coolest and most mysterious skins in the game, Galaxy Scout! You're not just one of the game's legendary skins, you're also the only one with glowing blue fingers and (possibly) telekinetic powers!

Fortnite | Epic Games

You're Cuddle Team Leader!

You're Fortnite's famous big-headed Teddy Bear character, Cuddle Team Leader! You might look like a huggable king of gal, but you're no pushover. You're an expert in everything from pickaxes to rocket launchers and are not to be messed with!

Fortnite | Epic Games

You're Brite Bomber!

You're the Fortnite-famous Brite Bomber! A classic skin that dates back to some of the early seasons, the Brite Bomber is one of the most well-known and best dressed Fortnite skins! Because who's going to argue with a llama-unicorn? That's right - nobody!

Fortnite | Epic Games

You're Red Knight!

You're the skull-crushing Medieval fighter, the Red Knight! Feared by her enemies, the Red Knight is easily one of the coolest skins in the whole game! An excellent choice - we're just not sure how she's going to see anything through that helmet!