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Which Grian Video Are You?

Grian’s a Minecraft Legend. Which Grian video are you?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 22nd 2022

Whether he’s hanging out (and pushing his friends off cliff faces) in a Hermitcraft video, or patiently walking you through how to build a netherportal, Grian’s an absolute legend of Minecraft! Which Grian video are you most like?

Minecraft | Mojang

What’s first on your survival mode schedule?

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What are you doing this weekend (when you’re not watching or playing Minecraft)?

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3/10 Which animal is most similar to your Minecraft technique?

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4/10 Favourite Minecraft animal

Minecraft | Mojang

What’s your favourite starting Biome in Survival Mode?


What word best describes your Minecraft gang?


What’s your top game that isn’t Minecraft?

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8/10 Assuming you’ve access to all the dyes, what colour are you making your bed?


Pick a word. Think carefully., your answer will give away a crucial part of your hidden personality.

@grianmc | Twitter

Complete the sentence: Grian’s the best because he’s…

@grian | YouTube


If you were a Grian video you’d be on the Hermitcraft playlist. It’s just you and your friends and a whole load of laughter!

Building with Grian

You’re one highly creative dude who has mastered Minecraft builds. You’re perfectly content to sit quietly and craft all day You know the secret recipe to creative expertise is practice, patience and a whole load of snacks!

@grian | YouTube

Grian’s Minecraft Timelapse

You as fast as Grian’s Minecraft Timelapse videos. Hours of work compressed into seconds. Everything’s a race and you’re determined to win!

@grian | YouTube

You’re a Grian SMP Video

You’re as chilled as the Snowy Plains biome! Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the simple life… Just like a Grian SMP video!