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Which Mario Enemy Are You?

Find out which of Mario's nemesis you are in this awesome quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 24th 2022
1/10 Mushroom in grass

Choose a type of mushroom

2/10 Connect 4 game

Pick a board game

3/10 Person in rollerskates on yellow background

Choose a mode of transport

4/10 Someone picking up money on the pavement

You find £5 on the ground! What do you do?

5/10 Cup of tea on teal background

Choose a tea

6/10 Blue bedroom

What colour is your bedroom?

7/10 Evil queen on throne

Choose a Disney villain

8/10 Person rolling their tongue

Can you roll your tongue? 

9/10 Tokyo street

Choose a city

10/10 Boy with water gun

Choose a weapon

Birdo result thumbnail
Super Mario | Nintendo


You're Birdo! You love being the centre of attention, and deep down you're not really a villain, just a bit naughty!

Goomba result thumbnail
Super Mario | Nintendo


You're a Goomba! Who knew mushrooms could be so scary?! You can be a bit grumpy but you love helping your friends, and you're always up for some team work!

Wario result thumbnail
Super Mario | Nintendo


 You're Wario! You're the worst of the worst and you'll stop at nothing to get what you want! Booooo!

King Koopa result thumbnail
Super Mario | Nintendo

King Koopa

You're King Koopa! You're really scary and your enemies fear you! Uh oh, better watch out!