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Which Minecraft Mob Are You? Quiz

Good, bad or just lazy? Answer these epic quiz questions to find out what Minecraft mob is most like you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 23rd 2022

There are so many mobs in Minecraft, there must be one out there that matches your personality - and it's time to find out which one!

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What do you think of other Minecraft players?

2/10 Cow laughing

Pick an animal:


What happens when you get struck by lightning?


Neutral? Hostile? Passive? Something else?

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You bump into a weary traveller. What do you do?

6/10 Running from a Minecraft zombie
Minecraft | Mojang | Microsoft

Pick a game mode:


Pick one of these:

Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer's Llamas | Aardman | BBC | Jay Grace

What's your worst habit?

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Pick a colour, any colour! (Well, one of these 4)


Where would you rather go on holiday?

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You're a Mooshroom!

Part cow part mushroom, you're a very stylish (but slow moving) mob! You like hanging about in the mushroom fields biome just minding your own business. Nice.

Minecraft | Mojang | Microsoft

You're an Enderman!

You're the tall and mysterious mob known as Endermen, You can teleport, pick up blocks and generally float about being spooky. You're not necessarily dangerous... but you can be!

Minecraft | Mojang | Microsoft

You're a Creeper!

Uh oh - you're a very dangerous kind of mob, and like nothing more than sneaking up behind players and exploding. Errr... sound like you?

Minecraft | Mojang | Microsoft

You're a Llama!

You're a friendly llama! You're definitely not a danger to other players, and in fact are often quite useful. You do like to spit though, which isn't a great habit!