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Which Spider-Man: No Way Home Character Are You?

Are you like Spider-Man or Doctor Strange? How about Mary Jane or the Green Goblin? Take this quiz and we’ll tell you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 4th 2022

Have you had a chance to see Spider-Man: No Way Home yet? It’s an awesome film and possibly one of the best of the spider-based superhero movies! Have you found yourself wondering which of the story’s character’s you’re most like? Take this scientific test and we’ll tell you!

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1/10 Spider-Man upside down in a city

Which city would you like to visit?

2/10 50 best hilarious acts

What's your favourite animal?

3/10 A man feeling a bit sick

What makes you a bit squeamish?

4/10 A superhero in a red cape

Pick a superhero power!

5/10 A painter holding a paint colour chart

Now pick your favourite colour!

6/10 Doctor Strange in a fairground

What’s your idea of an amazing day out?

7/10 Fruit and vegetables

What’s your favourite vegetable?

8/10 Black Panther and Captain Marvel in a New York street

Who’s your favourite superhero?

9/10 American football player

Which American football team do you prefer?

10/10 A man trying to sleep

What's the last thing you normally think of before falling asleep at night?


You are: Spider-Man!

By day, you’re Peter Parker, a photographer with superhero powers! But when there’s people to be saved and baddies to be stopped, you disappear and transform into Spider-Man! You’ve got amazing skills and a total hero to everyone, but you want a bit of a quieter life, though and want Doctor Strange to help the world forget your superhero alter-ego!


You are: Mary Jane Watson!

RESULTS IMAGE TWO - - Please write 30-50 words for quiz result 1. REMEMBER!! Results are the users reward for taking the quiz and a good way for us to increase engagement, so make them fun and it will encourage users to engage with more content.


You are: Doctor Strange!

You’re a powerful magician and possess a knowledge of all the different dimensions in the Marvel universe. Your first name is Stephen.


You are: Green Goblin!

You’re a scary genius who absolutely can’t stand Spider-Man or do-gooders in general! You’ve got loads of gadgets which you use to try and cause havoc!