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Which Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Movie Character Are You Quiz - Let's See?!

Better find out quickly before Paris is gone forever?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 18th 2023

Ladybug and Cat Noir are just two of the amazing characters in this super-powered super series, but who are you most like? There's only one place to find out and that's right here! So let's see if you've got a touch of the Miraculouses, or are you more of a Hawk Moth beneath the surface? It's time to get this done! So what are you waiting for? Allez!


What is your favourite country from this list?


There is a frog on your favourite chair, what do you do?


What is your favourite colour?


It looks like your best friend has been akumatized, what do you do?


What is your favourite sport?


When do you wake up in the morning?


What is the most important thing to do before bed?


What is your favourite animal from this list?


How important is helping people to you?


What is your favourite ingredient from this list?

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Nice, what a result! This is definitely one of the best results to have gotten, especially given how evil some of the other characters in the show are! Ladybug has a lot on her plate, but she knows that as soon as she's turned from Marinette then its time to get down to it! A little bit like you, when you commit to something you see it all the way through to the end - great stuff!

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Cat Noir!

Of course! But you knew you were going to get this one right?! Cat Noir is one of the best and brightest characters in the whole show, even though they wear some of the darkest clothes! Cat Noir has his own set of problems, but he always pushes through, and he's not afraid to ask for help when it comes to facing off against the villains of the world. That's probably why you've got this result, you know that there's no point pushing on a locked door when your friend has the key! Teamwork is important, and you know that for sure!

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Hawk Moth!

Oh no! You've got the most in common with one of the most evil people in Paris! What a disaster! Or you might think so... Hawk Moth, while evil on the face of it, is only doing all this VERY BAD stuff to try to bring back the love of his life. All the monsters that the Hawk Moth creates with his Akumas are beautiful in their own horrible way - they show a true (evil) artist's spirit - and that's probably why you've gotten this result, because you're a true creative! That, or you're deeply evil...

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Kagami Tsuguri!

Awesome! You've got most in common with Kagami! Whether they're powered up or not, Kagami has reflexes to marvel at, their skill with a sword is second to none, which is pretty cool we think. She's quite a stubborn character and usually likes to get her own way, but that doesn't mean that she'll never change her attitude. A bit like you, she has her way of thinking, but if someone gives a good enough reason you can still be pretty flexible and change your mind - maybe that's the best way to be?