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This Winx Club Quiz Is Totally Magic!

How much do you know about these space-travelling TV fairies? Answer these questions and we'll see if you're really a fan of Winx Club!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  June 2nd 2023

Are you a fan of Winx Club? It's hard not to be! As princesses who battle evil villains, Stella, Musa, Bloom, Flora, Tecna and friends are always up to exciting adventures! Not only is the show full of magic, but there's space travel, dragons, gnomes, and all kinds of amazing creatures! But how much do you really know about Winx Club? Answer these questions and we'll finally find out!

Well, what are you hanging around for? Let's get going!

1/10 A chicken and a school bag

Where do the fairies go to school?

2/10 Hot chillies

Which of these foods does Bloom like to cook most?

3/10 The Winx Club
Winx Club | Nickelodeon | Nickelodeon

Sky, Brandon, Timmy and Riven are all... what?

4/10 A shocked planet

What planet is Stella from?

5/10 A kickboxer using a bag to practice

What is Flora's favourite hobby?

6/10 One of the Winx Club characters with sparkling blue hair
Winx Club | Nickelodeon | Nickelodeon

Who is the fairy of music?

7/10 One of the Winx Club characters in red glasses
Winx Club | Nickelodeon | Nickelodeon

Who is Tecna's boyfriend?

8/10 A gnome

What are Gnomes also called?

9/10 A mysterious purple rock

What is Princess Diaspro the fairy of?

10/10 Chicko surrounded by pigeons
Winx Club | Nickelodeon | Nickelodeon

Chicko is who's pet?

Result: better luck next time
Winx Club | Nickelodeon | Nickelodeon

Yikes! This isn't very good! You'd better have another go... and fast! You wouldn't want Bloom to see you score this badly! Never mind, we have lots more TV quizzes to try if you're done with this one!

Result: not bad
Winx Club | Nickelodeon | Nickelodeon

Pretty good! You really know a thing or two about Winx Club! You did miss out on a few right answers though... so would you like to try again and see if you can get a higher score? No worries if not - we have lots more quizzes for you to try!

Result: great job
Winx Club | Nickelodeon | Nickelodeon

Amazing! Are you a fairy too? You know loads about Winx Club! Fantastic score! This is very almost a perfect 10/10... do you think you can score even higher next time? Let's see if you can beat this score on a different TV quiz!

Result: high score
Winx Club | Nickelodeon | Nickelodeon

Fantastic! This is the perfect score! You know everything there is to know about Winx Club! You can't improve on this score, but do you think you could match it on a different TV quiz? There's really only one way to find out! And that's by taking another of our epic quizzes!