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The 30 Hardest Quiz Questions You'll Ever Take

We've put together 30 of the hardest quiz questions and answers to make your brain work overtime. How many points will you score?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 11th 2022

We all love quizzes, whether they're about nature, sport, entertainment and maths. There are hundreds of different quizzes, right here on and we know some of you have attempted every single one! Some people love trivia quizzes which are so tough, they make our brains whirr and click like an old machine. This quiz is for those people, so we've put together some of the hardest quiz questions and answers to make your human trivia computers overtime. If you love watching quizzes on TV then take our The Chase Quiz!

How many points will you score? Do you reckon you could achieve a perfect 30/30? Be warned, some of these questions have been certified 'extra-tough' by the Beanotown Quiz Society. Are you ready? Then let's go!

1/30 A strawberry

A strawberry is not technically a berry. What is it?

2/30 An astronaut floating in space

Who was the third person to walk on the moon?

3/30 A scientist wearing a big glove

What is the chemical symbol for salt?

4/30 The Brazil flag

What do the stars represent on the Brazilian flag?

5/30 A game of snooker

What is the maximum number of points a player can score during a frame of snooker?

6/30 A dog on a running track

The first Olympic Games was held in 1896. In which city?

7/30 A maths dog

Which number is closest to 1200?

8/30 A person enjoying an ice cream in New York City

What was New York originally called?

9/30 A bowl of Rice Krispies

What are the Rice Krispies mascots called?

10/30 A silhouette of the FA Cup

The first FA Cup Final took place in 1872. Which teams took part?


An orca or killer whale actually belongs to the dolphin family. True or false?

12/30 A sloth looks at a biscuit on a plate

How long do sloths take to digest a meal?

13/30 A boy looking at a globe with a magnifying glass

What is the smallest country in the world?

14/30 An owl

What is a group of owls called?

15/30 A zebra and a big cat in a big grassy field

What is the fastest land animal?

16/30 A golden Academy Award

In which year was the first Academy Award given?

17/30 A woman thinking about this answer

What is a pikelet?

18/30 An illustration of a British Pope

There has been only one British Pope. What was his name?

19/30 The flag of Paraguay

What is the capital of Paraguay?


What is the Queen's full name?

21/30 Neptune

How many earth years does it take Neptune to orbit the Sun?

22/30 A capital city, and a shouting pineapple

In terms of land area, what is the smallest capital city in the world?

23/30 The Bayeux Tapestry

Where did the Battle of Hastings take place?

24/30 A parked car

What number parking bay is this white car covering?

25/30 A hand holding a smartphone

What is the correct sentence?

26/30 A shark in the sunshine

How long is a light year?

27/30 Rio de Janeiro

In centimetres, how tall is the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro?

28/30 A flag bearing five red crosses

Which country is represented by this flag?

29/30 Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso was most famous for which style of painting? 


Which of the following is not a low-level cloud?

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