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14 Zoo Jokes That Are A Keeper!

These zany zoo jokes are hilarious! Check out these zoo-LOL-gical jokes and have a wild time!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 10th 2021

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Who's the ditziest animal in the zoo?

The Giraffe - he always has his head in the clouds!

What's a polar bear's favourite food?


What's a monkey's favourite Christmas song?

Jungle bells!

Who's the best at maths in the zoo?

The adder!

What does the elephant keeper wear at the beach?

Swimming trunks!

Why did the hyena sit in the shade?

He didn't want to be a hot dog!

What kind of socks do pandas wear?

They don't, they have bear feet!

Why are leopards bad at hide and seek?

They're always spotted!

Why are tigers bad at story telling?

They only have one tail!

What happened when 100 hares escaped from the zoo?

Police had to comb the area!

Why should you never play cards in the zoo?

Too many cheetahs!

What do you call a crying camel?

A humpback wail!

What does a snake keeper have on his car?

Windshield vipers!

Why was the cow scared?

She was a cow-herd!